Remond Nelson’s Obscured Transaction

This brief message fits the growing trend for advance fee fraudsters to send short “hooks” rather than long and detailed stories. I suppose they take less time to invent, and they may work just as well if not better, since they encourage the recipient to fill in the details from his own imagination. If you take the bait, you’ll become involved in an “obscured transaction” to be sure — one that separates you from your money.

from: NELSON (
date: Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 2:52 PM
subject: Bloved one,

Beloved one,

I am Remond Nelson,i have an obscured transaction (us$5.5m) deposited in finance company, for the help of less privilage and needy , reply with your full name , contact address and phone number for more details as i will give you every information regarding this transaction.

Remond Nelson.