Deactivation of Your Email Address (Phishing Scam)

This phishing scam is a bit unusual in that it doesn’t specify the company or organization that it (falsely) purports to represent. Instead of looking for bank or credit card passwords, like most phishing messages, this one is seeking email passwords. If you reply, they’ll know what email service you use from your return address (yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc.), and then they’ll be able to log into your email account. Why would they want to? For one thing, they can use it to send lots more spam, and to make it look like it’s coming from you!

from: Support Centre (
reply-to: Support Centre (
date: Sun, Sep 6, 2009 at 5:23 AM
subject: Deactivation of Your Email Address

We received an unusual Response code from this email address requesting for deactivation. If you did send this request ignore this message. Automatically deactivation will take place within 24 hours after reading this message. But if you feel is an error message then follow the step below to keep account active.

In order to verify/keep your email address active, you are to provide the following data;

First Name: ____________________________
Last Name: _____________________________
Email Username: ________________________
Email Password: ________________________
Account Deactivation: ______ (specify yes to deactivate. No to keep active)
Reason for Deactivation: _____________(if yes)

Warning!!! In failure to verify your email account within 48hrs on receiving this notification, your account will automatically be deactivated

Thank you for using our Webmail!

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