Melinda Cojuangco, Philippines (scam alert)

Such drama! Who would not be drawn into a story about an assassinated official and his two wives who are now battling over a fortune in cash and diamonds that he left behind? Wife #2 wants your help to smuggle the money to safety, and for your trouble you can keep the diamonds. What could go wrong? Well, since there’s really no hidden money and no diamonds, and the person writing to you is a scammer and not a wealthy widow, quite a bit!

from: Melinda Cojuangco (
date: Thu, Sep 3, 2009 at 2:56 PM
subject: Greetings from Mrs. Melinda

Greetings from Mrs. Melinda

Hello Dear,

My name is Mrs. Melinda Cojuangco, I am sorry the way these email came to you but I hope you will understand that it’s out of circumstances that I have contact you.

I am the wife of Late Mr Lucio Cojuangco who was the former Philippines director of mineral resources who was assassinated along side with our son in 2007 in connection with government of Philippines due to greed and jealousy of his wealth.

I am writing you due to what I have suffered here by my late husband’s first wife and her children in connection with the government because the first wife is a relation to the president of Philippines. This is because my late husband willed 70% of his assets to me and my daughter which have been forcefully taken away from me by the first wife and her children with the connections of her sister who is in the presidency.

In one of the envelop I received from my late husband’s lawyer, I saw a deposit certificate and certificate of legalization documents for a security company abroad with a later which explained to me that my late husband deposited a trunk box in a security company which the box contains $23M USD in cash and Black diamond which worth $5M USD.

I am contacting you because I want you to help me in securing the money and help me leave Philippines since the first wife of my late husband through the government now monitor all my movement and also which right now I am leaving in absolute hardship because they stripped me off all my late husband’s assets and left me with nothing.

I hope to trust you as you will not sit on this money when you claim it. I am ready to give you 35% of the total money the diamonds for your assistance. If you are willing to help me, I will wait to hear from you so that i will give you more details on how to follow up.

God Bless you as you help.

Mrs. Melinda Cojuangco

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