I am Mr. Chen (Scam Alert)

Some scammers spin long elaborate stories about dying widows, lonely orphans, and millionaires killed in plane crashes. Other scammers take the simple route. All they have to do with their first message is get you on the hook. Then they’ll depend on their own manipulative skills to keep you on the hook until they can extract some cash from you. What is “Mr. Chen” up to? The mystery is part of the hook. It almost makes you want to reply, just to find out. And that’s what he’s counting on.

from: Chen Guangyuan (cheng5@fuse.net)
reply-to: guangyaun.cn@w.cn
date: Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 8:42 PM
subject: RE

I am Mr.Chen,I got a Deal for you.Get back for details

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