Arlene Boni, Bank of America

It’s hard to believe that semi-literate messages like this actually fool people, but sometimes they must, otherwise the scammers would have given up long ago. If you’re tempted to reply, ask yourself why a real bank would be using a free yahoo email address for its official correspondence, and why one of the contact addresses given would be in Russia.

Date: Wednesday, September 16, 2009 6:46 AM
From: “Arlene Boni” (

Attention: Dear,

I have been waiting for you to contact the BANK OF AMERICA for your fund of ($3.5Million) which was transferred to their bank in the USA. Please don,t forget to forward your full details to them, I mean your bank information to them to enable them transfer the money into your account without any delay,This is the details they need from you to wire your fund into your account contact email: (

YOUR FULL NAME===============
HOME ADDRESS=================
SWIFT CODE====================
ACCOUNT NUMBER===============
NAME OF COUNTRY===============
ROUTING NUMBER===============
NAME OF BANK =================
PHONE NUMBERS=================

Please do not forget to explain your self to them to avoid any problem tell them that Mr Arlene Boni , is the one who sent you to contact them for your fund, tell them that you are the one who tell us to transfer your fund to their bank, and as soon as you received your money don,t forget to inform me when you received your money so that we can share the joy together after our pass efort, contact BANK OF AMERICA. Immediately do not forget to explain your self to them once again. Thank you and remain bless.

Your’s Sincerely.
Mr. Arlene Boni