Mr Abram Tony’s Investment Plan (Scam Alert)

Your business genuity caught the attention of “Mr. Abram Tony” so he has decided to contact you even though he doesn’t know you. (Little did you suspect your business genuity was so widely known, not to mention your sincerity and loyalty.)

With this brief message, “Mr. Tony” hopes to hook you, so he can eventually pick your pocket. You’re a good business investment for him. Is he a good one for you? Not so much.

from: Mr. Abram Tony (
date: Sun, Sep 27, 2009 at 8:21 AM
subject: Having heard about the numerous business opportunities in your country.

Dear Friend,

Having heard about the numerous business opportunities in your country I decided to contact you through the only identified secure means of communication on an investment plan I have with a chunk of money I had hoped on investing in the future. I have not known you but going through your profile I found out we may have something in common (sincerity and loyalty). Kindly contact me on my personal email id below for clarifications and business plans of the future with you: Email:

I hope meeting and knowing you will bear fruit on both sides, I only contacted you based on your formal introduction profile of your business genuity.

Mr. Abram Tony

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