Ben Aitua and His Fortune

Ben Aitua’s late father happens to be deceased, having been killed by a tsunami. The fortune he left to Ben is trapped, and only you can help release it. This is no joke! Nope, it’s a scam.

From: ben aitua
Date: Sep 13, 2005 5:59 PM

Attention Dear Sir,

I am most sorry to intrude onto you like this. I am BEN the son of the late MR AITUA who hapen to be deceased. My late dad was a wealthy industrialist who is among the victims of the tsunami disaster at Asia.

he left a furtune for me at a finance company the sum of $5million dollars hidden in as consignment for investment purpose but now he is no more and i have no way of getting this funds alone so i sincerely need a sole outside partner who can assist me to retrieve this deposited funds. This was what my father told the finance company and they need the partner to contact them, of which without this they will not elease the consignment to me.

Please understand that this is no joke as i am serious. I propose to give you 25% from this funds if eventually you succeed in retrieving the funds for me.i have the proof of the existence of the funds in at the finance company where it is. Please contact me at your earliest convinent time for more details. I thank you for your humble commited mind to help me.

Best regards,