United Nations AIDS Scam

Together we can save the world! So says “Mr. Kohn Micheal Bloombery” who claims to be from the United Nations. But what’s more likely is that together you can help transfer some of your money into Mr. Bloombery’s pockets through this charitable scam — a version of the standard advance fee fraud.

From: “United nations Organisations” unhumanitariandept@msn.com
Subject: Help and Benefit $240,000.00 Annually FRom UN
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 01:00:23 +0000

Fight Against AIDS

Dear sir,

The United Nation has bestowed upon you a very great honuor, by contacting you personally on a recent development to award humanitarian certificate/funds to those patriotic citizens of the world who will join us in this great campaign against AIDS . We are very much aware as a great organization that perfection is never achieved but endlessly pursued. In the hope to catch a glimmering idea of perfection in combating AIDS, the United Nations(UNO) has decided to use this medium to search for reliable individual with indisputable and distinctive records.

You are been contacted by MR. Kohn Micheal Bloombery of the united nation (AIDS SECTION). It’s actually a few days to the end of 2005 and the UN had delibrated and came to a conclusive date on when to disburse over a billion dollars to humanitarian services inculding the fight against AIDS to NON- GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS (N.G.Os) all over the world especailly the recent TSUNAMI victims. But considering the lastest out come of an investigation carried out by the UNOG, it was allegedly discovered that alot of this N.G.Os that benefited from the previous funds alocation,diverted this funds into other activities. In accordance to the above reason, the plan to give the next allocation to them has been changed. The UNO in consultative status with ECOSOC is now looking for individual(s) that are trustworthy enough to take their place. Even those other N.G.Os that where excluded from the investigation has been spotted out to have enormous potentials for ferreting out malfeasance to suit their own plans thereby enriching or cooking their personally financial books which is completely against our ethics.

Regarding the enormous pressure on the UNO’s reputation, her goal to reach 2million affected AIDs patient before the end of 2005 and then considering her present situation with unfaithful soliders, the UNO has put together a seminar. You have been choosen by the United Nations to attend a seminar where you will be lectured on the intricacy of the campaign. immediately after the seminar, you will be instantly paid $20,000(USD). This is to encourage your good intentions of wanting to be a part of this campaign , Register with us now, so we can have enough time compile the list. You will be grouped and 9.1billion Euros will be disbursed among the groups for a start. If you fall into the category there you are just an individual, you will be between 1million-10million Euros for a start. You will be trusted with the said amount and if properly spent and maxium result is acheived, you will move to the next level and continue to move up the ladder as long as your record remains clean until you can be registered as an N.G.O. You will at that stage be awarded over 8millionEuros .

If you are interested, please send us a fax on 44-87-1247-2923 with a copy of your international passport,tel/fax nos. You can also send us email on: uno@london.com

You will also need to register with us immediately. If chosen, your benefits are as stated below.

1, You will be paid $20,000.00 monthly.

2, All hospital bills incurred by you and your immediate family will be covered within working period with the UNO.

3, Scholarships for your kids if any.

4, Diligent workers with clean records will be given $50,000.00 at the end of every 12month excluding monthly salary.

If you are interested, respond immediately to this proposal and register with us. we are only interested in compassionate citizen(s) that are genuinely ready to help AIDs victims not those who are only interested in the funds the job has to offer.

A quote from Mr. Sergei Ordzhonikidze (THE DIRECTOR GENERAL OF UNOG) states that “It is a privilege for me to head the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG). As the international community faces a new constellation of threats and challenges, the need for a strong and determined United Nations has never been greater. No one country or one institution, can effectively address such an unprecedented range and complexity of challenges. These challenges call for inclusive partnerships with all stakeholders-Governments, international organizations, civil society and the business community”. Join us! TOGETHER WE CAN SAVE THE WORLD.

Mr. Kohn Micheal Bloombery
Humanitarian Services

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