Mariam Germain, Plane Crash (scam alert)

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The message below is a combination two familiar scams: the plane crash scam, and the dying widow scam. And like some sophisticated scam messages, it refers to real news events to make the scam sound more legitimate. But it’s just another scam — not a real message from a wealthy widow who wants to share her fortune with you (alas).

date: Sat, 30 Apr 16
subject: please read

Compliments of the day to you! I’m Mariam Germain, the mother to Gerard St. Germain and Yvette St. Germain who both died untimely in an Egypt Air crash of 1999. You can view this web site for your perusal and find the names of my Children who also perished in that ill fated air disaster.,,196602,00.htm

I’m from the country of Malaysia, I lost my husband for almost 3 years now and I have been living with this pain till date. We are hospitable people and decided to serve mankind to the best of our ability. Since the death of my children (Gerard St. Germain and Yvette St. Germain), I have lived with the memories, fighting effortlessly to lead a normal life but all to no avail. I suffered psychologically and shortly was diagnosed of Cancer. I write to you, having sourced your address from a database in my late children’s internet dozier after fervent prayers. Before their death, my family had a joint account and deposited sum of $850,000 thousand dollars I need an individual that will utilize this fund inherently for these purposes: to assist the poor and helpless, motherless home These are the wishes of a dying woman. hence my decision as I do not have a child to take over my inheritance. All I need from you is Truthfulness, Honesty and Sincerity assuring me that you can in all honesty and obedience utilize the funds for it purpose and you will use %30 of this fund for your effort.

Kinds Regards
Mariam Germain

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Agent Mark A. Morgan, FBI (scam warning)

This message claims to come from the FBI, but it’s really a scam message about a scam. Remember that message you got the other day about a delivery to JFK Airport? You ignored that because you thought it was a scam, right? Well today the FBI intercepted that package and they want to talk to you. Or at least “Agent Mark A. Morgan” wants to talk to you. But why would an FBI agent have an email address at “”? Probably because he isn’t really an FBI agent, but just another advance fee scammer trying to separate you from your money.

From: “Agent Mark A. Morgan”
Date: Mon, 11 May 2015 02:56:30 -0400

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Field Intelligence Unit
J. Edgar Hoover Bldg.
935 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC 20535,

Urgent Attention: Beneficiary,

I am special agent Mark A. Morgan from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Field Intelligence Unit. We have just intercepted and confiscated two trunks at John F Kennedy International Airport in Jamaica New York, NY 11430 coming from a foreign country.

We crosschecked the content of the boxes and found it contained a total sum of $4.1 million dollars. Also with one of the trunks were documents with your name as the receiver of the money. As we progressed in our investigations of the Diplomat which accompanied the trunks into the United States we learned that he was to deliver these funds to your residence as payment of an inheritance/winning, which was due to you.

Further checks on the consignment, we found out that the consignment paperwork lacked the PROOF OF OWNERSHIP CERTIFICATE AND LEGAL DELIVERY PERMIT CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE forms. We then confiscated both trunks and released the Diplomat. The trunks According to section 229 subsection 31 of the International ,Commerce Regulators Code Enforcement Guidelines, your consignment lacks PROOF OF OWNERSHIP CERTIFICATE AND LEGAL DELIVERY PERMIT CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE from the joint team of the Federal Bureau Of Investigation and Homeland Security and therefore you must contact us for direction on how to procure the two certificates, so that you can be relieved of the charges of evading tax which is a jailable offense under section 12 subsection 441 of the ? Tax Code. We will also be asking the IRS to launch an investigation of money laundering if you do not follow our instructions.

You are therefore required to contact me within 72 hours on this email {} at that point I will walk you through the process of clearing and claiming the money. Failure to comply may lead to your arrested, interrogation and/or you being prosecuted in the Court of Law for tax evasion and or money laundering. You are also advised not to contact any bank in Africa, Europe or banking institution.

Yours in service,

Agent Mark A. Morgan
Regional Director
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Gloria C. Mackenzie’s Mystery Offer (scam)

Why bother with an elaborate message if you can hook a scam victim with a short one? This is an example of a mystery scam message, where “Gloria Mackenzie” hopes you will get in touch with her so she can give you a fortune (or more likely, pick your pocket). Does she have a business investment for you? Or money in a forgotten bank account? Or perhaps she’s just another dying widow who wants to give away her fortune.

Subject: Re
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2015 15:32:13 +0100

I, Gloria C. Mackenzie hereby donate 5.9 Million to you in good faith for a project. You should get in touch with me for more detail through my email:

Win a New BMW! (scam alert)

The only thing better than winning a new car is winning a new car plus a million dollars! And all from a lottery you never entered! Unfortunately it’s all a scam. The message below, which thousands or maybe even millions of people received this month, is a classic lottery scam message. If you respond, you’ll be told you need to pay a “service fee” or something similar before your prize can be delivered. Once you pay the fee, the scammers will disappear and you’ll never hear from them again.

Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2015

Confirm your $1, 000, 000 USD plus a brand new BMW 5 Series winning from the BMW Automobile International Awareness Promotion (IAP) 2015 Claim Center. Contact the fiduciary officer via email: or call: +447053836176 for more details.